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DiskVision shows you, visually, how much space each file and folder consumes.  This makes it easy to track down files, folders, and applications that are wasting space.

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Benefits Features
  • Immediately see which files and folders are using the most space
  • See which files and folders are wasting the most space
  • See how much space is available relative to the used space
  • Get detailed information on any file or folder in the window, just by moving the mouse cursor over it
  • Move, copy, rename, and delete files with a unique, top-down perspective
  • Displays file and folder sizes in easy-to-understand nested rectangles
  • Displays sizes by actual size, used size, wasted size, or equal size
  • Provides detailed information on individual files and folders
  • Supports deleting, moving, and renaming files and folders
Requirements Version Information
  • Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95 or Windows NT 4
  • 3 MB disk space
Released: January 10, 2005
Trial period: 30 days
Change history
Beta version

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Registered users get free minor updates. For example, all registered 1.x users can download new versions through 1.9.x at no extra cost.